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Exam Blueprints

Plans for valid and reliable exams

Exam blueprints are where instructional designers and subject-matter experts meet to make valid and reliable assessments. These blueprints ensure the appropriate and consistent distribution of items based on ascribed outcomes and cognitive difficulties. In the end, these plans make multiple forms and item analysis practical and possible. Read more

Coffee Friends

True friends drink coffee

Only true friends drink coffee. Other drinks are just cheap substitutes. How else can one stay buzzed until 3 am while marking exams? As if you are marking exams at 3 am. If you are, tone down the coffee. None of that decaffeinated business. I mean, at some point, coffee is just no longer coffee. Read more

Coffee Love

Love for coffee

You thought I was talking about loving someone with a shared interest in coffee. Heck no. That would mean you would feel obliged to pay for their coffee. No, I am talking about passion for the world's greatest beverage. My homage is deep. I have a coffee mug for every mood, project, and location. It has been deemed by others to be an obsession. Pshh. It's just true love, and they are just jealous.

Read more


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